Mustang DeBerti GT

Project: Designed by professional racer Brad Deberti, this custom 2018 Mustang GT Fastback features a wider body, 18-inch wide rear tires and a specially-designed hood and billet grille. Dave Robison, Design Director at Blue Fusion films a cameo bit on Discovery’s Twin Turbos : episode 3

Assignment: Using a virtual 3D model of the 2018 Mustang “design in real time”, modifying the full size concept car. From this model, each car component is engineered for LKQ and “ready to tool” CAD.

Monster Truck : The Movie

Assignment: Make a king cab into a coupe with a “his and her” theme. Build from Sketch, Engineer Exterior Shell.Keep greenhouse and door egress parameters. Keep the Dodge badge and front grill. Deliver Tool Ready CAD to Build Supplier.

Content: Fender, Front Fascia, Door-Rocker, Roof Rear Fascia, Rear Appliqué, Hood Fins, Qtr Panels.

Mustang SVT Shelby GT500

Assignment: As Virtual Design Engineering for this “Go Fast” program , integrate with SVT team deliver production ready CAD models for the parts suppliers.

Content: Hood, Grille, Head Light, Front Fascia, Front GOR, Rocker, Rear Fascia, Deck Spoiler, Wheel, Graphics, Cobra Ornamentation

F150 SVT Adrenalin

Assignment: Working “off-site” in tandem with the Design Studio, support the SVT team with production ready CAD models Content: Hood, Grille, Fender, Front Fascia. Rocker, Rear Fascia, Hood & Fender inserts, Wheel, Exterior Ornamentation

Shelby GT 500 MUSTANG

Assignment: Integrate Design Styling Intent to engineering criteria from component suppliers. Parts re-mastered included Front Clip, Rear Clip, Accessories, Badging.  Delivered Production Ready CAD to Design(Styling)Studio for validation and deployment.


Town Car Livery

Assignment: Integrate a 6 inch stretch to existing design. Engineer the solution for Body-In-White & Chassis structures. Develop Class A for sheet metal and interior trim panels.Class B development for all extension parts. In plant, studies for cutting and welding cell and unique parts sequencing.