About Us

We are your B2B virtual team, managing a distributed workforce of expert designers and engineers available whenever you need unsurpassed quality in product development. For over 20 years we have helped manufacturing companies succeed through our passion for creativity and availability as engineering-on-demand. We are master craftsmen and artists.

Cynthia Robison 

DM: 248 919.9833
email cindy@designempath.com

Beyond college, I became a true apprentice in automotive design and development. Fabricator, master clay sculptor and studio engineer in automotive design studios around the world. Now over the last 25 years I’ve spent up-leveling my skills to master of 3D CAD modeling, design engineering & director of product planning. Design is my favorite word, bringing it to reality is my passion.

David Robison  Design Director

email: davidr@designempath.com